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How to Build Custom Mouse Replacements - Selfmade Adaptive Pointer Devices

TrackBall, Knobs and 3D Mouse

CompUSA sku 309750 [external link]DIY mid-air pointing device. An innovative handheld pointing device that works in mid-air. "Soap" is based on hardware found in a common wireless optical mouse, and is relatively easy to make.
Homebrew USB Knob [external link]This guide is to illustrate how to make your own Knob, very similar to the Griffin Powermate(TM).
Cheep Hackball [external link]Built from an Atari 2600 Trak-Ball which had been gutted, and the innards replaced with those of a Kensington 3-button USB Valu-Mouse.

Gun or Pistol Mouse

NES Zapper Mouse [external link]How to use a gyration mouse to translate the motion of the gun into cursor movement on the computer.
Targus BlueTooth Mini Mouse [external link]Pistol Mouse Bluetooth Mod - take the bluetooth board out of a mouse and put it into a Monster Gecko Pistol Mouse.

Switch Adapted Mouse

Hama Mouse [external link]How to convert the mouse handling to be useful as an adaptive input device (in German).
PowerGlove Mouse [external link]A NES Nintendo PowerGlove mixed with a gyration mouse. With this hack you can strap on the Powerglove and have total control over the mouse cursor on your computer. You can control the cursor's position with a wave of your hand and activate the mouse clicks by simply bending your fingers - a beautiful integration of old and new.
Switch Adapted Mouse I [external link] [PDF]Making your own switch adapted mouse, by soldering a cheap mouse.
Switch Adapted Mouse II [external link]Adapting a standard mouse is a relatively easy and low cost way to provide switch access to a computer.
Mouse House [external link]Charlie experiences physical challenges that prevent him from being able to control the mouse on the computer. Instead, Charlie presses on his "Mouse House" to activate and control special software.

Foot Mouse

N.N. [external link]To add a foot switch to your mouse you will take your mouse apart, solder two wires to the terminals of the desired mouse switch, cut a notch in the housing and connect a second switch (i.e. the foot switch) in parallel with the existing mouse button switch. Having done so, either switch can be used to close the button circuit.

Linux, Laptops, PDAs

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