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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble a Microsoft Computer Mouse

Do you want to personalize or repair your mouse made by ? Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as modding and cleaning tutorials for computer mice. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Microsoft Mouse [external link]How to make your initials into an embossed logo.
Microsoft Mouse [external link]How to fit a cooling fan into the mouse: take apart picture gallery.
Microsoft Mouse [external link]Chrome Mouse: let's test how a layer of chrome sits on a mouse.
MicroSoft Mouse [external link]Mousebot Revisited: a fun introduction to robotics. Expanded documentation of a Mousey build from start to finish, with a few extra little tips.
Microsoft PS/2 Mouse [external link]LogoMouse: You all have seen these optical mouses with LEDs and stuff but there is still room for some improvement. Why not mod a rodent and dremel your own logo/image on to it.
MicroSoft Roller Ball Mouse [external link]How to build a LED mouse light.
MicroSoft Roller Ball Mouse [external link]RottaFlekti: how to tweak a fan into a mouse.
MicroSoft Intellimouse Explorer [external link]Variable Color LED Mouse Mod.
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer [external link]Take apart and spraying mod HOWTO. Multi-colored painting using Dupli-Color(tm) spray cans.
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer [external link]How to dissect and destroy a computer mouse.
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer [external link]How to fix a dead mouse by repairing a dodgy wire.
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer [external link]To disassemble a mouse priced at around $50? Theoretically such mice must never break ... but the reality is much worse than theory, and a warranty period usually ends by the time of a damage. There is only one way out - to disassemble it carefully, screw by screw. How to clean up some beer which got inside the mouse (and in this case it is necessary to wash all parts completely).
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer [external link]Hacking a Mouse for a Happ Trackball. This process should work for almost any optics-based arcade controller, eg trackball, spinner, 360 degree steering wheel, optical rotary joystick etc...of course you'll need to figure out the differences between the Happ optic board and whatever board you are using.
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer [external link]Leopard skin: Want to change the appearance of your system completely? Don't like painting and buying more and more expensive toys for it isn't an option?
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer [external link]This mouse gets a colored scrollwheel (FireWheel), another color for the sensor LED and a new painting (in German).
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]How to cut windows into a mouse case.
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]A Lego(tm) mouse mod.
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]An old mouse, LEGO(tm) & BEAM.
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]How to add a Lego(tm) driver into the mouse window (in Dutch).
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]Cold Glowing Blue LED Frosty Window: How to put a window made of acrylic glas into a mouse.
Microsoft Optical Mouse [external link]Mouse Mod: pimping up a mouse by painting it and changing the LED (in German).
MicroSoft Optical Mouse [external link]How to make a torch by adding a another resistor and a stronger LED (in German).
Microsoft Optical MouseStep-by-step illustrated take apart guide.
Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse [external link]A step-by-step LED replacement guide.
Microsoft Optical Mouse by S+ARCK [external link]Take apart photos showing the soldering of a new joint since the cable was frayed.

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