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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble a NoName Computer Mouse

Do you want to personalize or repair your mouse made by ? Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as modding and cleaning tutorials for computer mice. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

N.N. [external link]How to turn an optical mouse into a scanner.
N.N. [external link]Replacing the red LED with a blue one and case painting.
N.N. [external link]Miscellaneous mouse paintings.
N.N. [external link]Rumble mouse: you click on it and it vibrates.
N.N. [archived link]Rumble Mouse 2: Have you ever been playing an xbox game, and feel the rumble in your hands, and think to yourself, "It sure would be cool to have a rumble pack in a mouse".
N.N. [external link]A fan mouse modding (in Italian).
N.N. [external link]How to add two blue LEDs (in Italian).
N.N. [external link]How to Clean Mouse Rollers so it Moves Properly.
N.N. [external link]Experimental Mouse Mod: how to add a fan and two LEDs.
N.N. [external link]A guide to LED swapping.
N.N. [external link]Most users of optical mice will know this feeling, you have a hard mousepad and after some time your mousefeets start to wear off. This result in worse gliding and more noise. Any solutions for this? Yeah, Mouse Skatez or Teflon tapes. But why spend $3 on those if you could easily make them yourself?
N.N. [external link]Jelly Belly Mouse - JBM: how to put a standard mouse into a tin can.
N.N. [external link]A translucent mouse with a blue LED in it.
N.N. [external link]Painting a custom logo on to the surface of the rodent (in German).
N.N. [external link]Teardown analysis of an optical wheelmouse.
M+M Mouse [external link]The Morse Mouse: a new type of keyer paddle [PDF].
Jameco Serial Mouse 48004 [external link]Incremental optical encoders can be quite expensive. Taking apart the ubiquitous $5 PC mouse, however, can give you two cheap but quite reliable encoders plus two infrared (IR) emitter-detector pairs. This tutorial will show you how to take apart a mouse, remove these parts and protoboard your own quadrature encoder in an afternoon or two. Some "big picture" applications include measuring: mobot wheel position and speeds, inverted pendulum angles, telescope pointing, and XYZ-table positioning.
Tevion Mouse [external link]An illustrated rodent disassembly and painting guide (in German).
Sigma Mouse [external link]How to apply a leather optic to the surface (in German).

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