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How to Clean, Upgrade, Repair, Mod, Disassemble a LogiTech Computer Mouse

Do you want to personalize or repair your mouse made by ? Here is a collection of free do-it-yourself take apart instructions, disassembly pictures, upgrade and repair manuals, as well as modding and cleaning tutorials for G5, MouseMan, MX-500, MX-700, MX-1000, M-BA47, V500, VX Revolution computer mice. If you have written a guide yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Logitech Mouse [external link]A step-by-step painting guide: sanding, cleaning, painting all you need to know (in German).
Logitech Mouse [external link]How to move the third button from the scroll wheel to the side of the rodent (in German).
Logitech Mouse [external link]SmoothScroll mod: The purpose of this is to get rid of that annoying "clicking" sound and feel that a scroll mouse makes when you scroll the wheel.
Logitech Mouse [external link]This is a short guide on how to remove the extra weight from your mouse. Don't worry, you will not break or damage it at all in the process.
Logitech Mouse [external link]How to replace the red LED with a green one, illustrated HOWTO (in German).
Logitech Mouse [external link]How to add a USB port to your USB optical mouse.
Logitech iFeel Mouseman [external link]Mouse Clicking Troubles? DIY Repair.
Logitech MouseMan [external link]How to fake a ball mouse into an optical mouse by adding a LED to the bottom plate.
Logitech Mouseman Optical [external link]How to change the red LED (in German).
Logitech MouseMan Wheel Mouse [external link]How to Clean Your Mouse: An Illustrated Guide: If your mouse isn't cooperating, it may be time to clean it.
Logitech MouseMan Wheel Optical [external link]How to replace the LED (in Japanese).
Logitech MouseMan Wheel [external link]Poormans Mouse Feet: adding tape pads on the bottom of a mouse, so it glides as well or better than it did originally.
Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Mouse [external link]Mousewheel Glow Mod: replace the rubber scrollwheel with an illuminated plexiglass wheel (in German).
Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Mouse [external link]Optical Mouse LED Mod: how to replace the red LED with a blue one (in German).
Logitech MX-500 [external link]LED swapping mod.
Logitech MX-500 [external link]How to reduce the weight of the mouse (in German).
Logitech MX-500 Mouse [external link]A detailed tutorial explaining how to open the housing and solder another kind of LEDs onto the logic board (in German).
Logitech MX-510 Mouse [external link]Half-Life 2 Mod: how to paint the mouse with stripes and apply the Half-Life 2 logo (in German).
Logitech M570 Wireless TrackBallHow to take the trackball apart for cleaning the inside.
Logitech M570 Wireless TrackBall [external link]How to replace the middle button on the trackball which has a combination scroll wheel/middle button, over time this button began to get flaky. There would be weeks where the button wouldn't respond at all, or would only respond to exceptional force.
Logitech M570 Wireless TrackBall [external link]This trackball can be easily disassembled, to do this you need to unscrew five screws, now the ball may be removed by slightly pressing through the hole bottom.
Logitech MX-510 Performance Optical Mouse/ MX-518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse [external link]Panther XL mod: a step-by-step tutorial with detailed pictures about a mouse to trackball conversion.
Logitech MX-510 Mouse [external link]Inside the mouse is a weight, which can be removed to lighten the mouse, and here is how to do it.
Logitech MX-518 Gaming Mouse [external link]This illustrated tutorial explains in detail how to custom paint a gaming mouse.
Logitech MX-700 [external link]Conversion from LED to laser diode.
Logitech MX-700 [external link]An illustrated LED replacement guide.
Logitech MX-1000 Laser Mouse [external link]Lets take a look inside the Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse. Step by step photos of how to get to the heart of the mouse.
Logitech MX-1000 Laser Mouse [external link]This tutorial is for those who wish to replace the "non-serviceable" mouse battery.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]How to change the red LED to a bright white LED.
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse [external link]How to replace the red LED with a blue one.
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse [external link]case mod 101: mouse LED swap.
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse [external link]How to change the LEDs, an illustrated guide.
Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse (USB) [external link]How to replace the red LED with a green one (in German).
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]An icewheel mod.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]FireWheel: how to get the wheel glaring.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]How to apply a black painting.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]How-to make a blue LED mouse.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]Switching the RED led to a BLUE led in a mouse.
Logitech Optical Mouse [external link]This guide shows how to use a dremel to make fan window into a mouse.
Logitech Optical Cordless Mouse [external link]How to change the red LED to a UltraBlue LED.
Logitech Optical USB M-BJ58 Mouse [external link]How to make your own Minty Mouse from an Altoids tin, an optical mouse, dremel tools, epoxy glue and a mini-hack saw.
Logitech 3Button Wheel Mouse [external link]An aluminum foil modding.
Logitech USB Wheel Mouse [external link]Fix this "broken-by-design" piece of hardware to make it a) scroll smoothly and b) scroll silently.
Logitech [external link]Humour: Keyboard and Mouse Watercooling.
Logitech [external link]If you have an extra Nintendo controller laying around why not put it to good use and make it into a mouse.
Logitech First Mouse+ [external link]How to paint the mouse red.
Logitech First Pilot Wheel Mouse M/N: M-BE58, P/N: 830395-000 [external link]Have you ever wondered what is inside the plastic housing of this computer mouse?
Logitech G5 Laser Mouse [external link]Project: LogiNoki - Logitech G5 Laser Mouse and Nokia 6610 Mobile Phone LCD Screen Hybrid.
Logitech G7 Mouse [external link]Repairing the -double-click problem- by restoring tension to the microswitch spring.
Logitech G7 Mouse [external link]It seems the little copper leaf-spring in the 'clicker' is getting worn out, and retensioning it will fix it and fix the 'double-click' problem.
Logitech G7 Mouse [external link]The scroll wheel of this mouse didn't click down anymore; the scroll wheel side click movements were sluggish and it would perform random functions on the screen, so it was necessary to take it apart for repair.
Logitech Dual Optical Mouse [external link]Some pictures of a fan added to a mouse.
Logitech Dual Optical Mouse [external link]You ask yourself ... Why do all optical mice have red LED's? Can I change them? How will it affect it's performance? Well, this HOWTO will answer these questions for you and provide you with a guide on what is required if you want to change them.
Logitech V500 Mouse [external link]Integrated wireless mouse: the dongle soldered to the USB port inside a laptop.
Logitech Cordless Desktop Express Mouse [external link]Modifying a PS/2-cordless keyboard/mouse to USB.

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