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How to Mod Computer Mouse Pads

Do you want to personalize computer mouse pad? Here is a collection of do-it-yourself guides. If you have written a HOWTO yourself (or if you know of a tutorial not linked here), please submit a new entry.

Steelpad 4S [external link]Accent the outer shape of the pad by trimming the edge with blue EL wire.
Alu Mat [external link]An aluminium mouse mat.
FragPad [external link]A blue glowing modded mouse pad.
Glow Pad [external link]A step-by-step tutorial about carving a lighted mousepad from plexiglas.
Illu Pad [external link]How to make an illuminated mousepad (in German).
LED Pad [external link]How to use LEDs to make a glowing mousepad (in German).
Glowing Zephyr Mouse Pad [external link]A selfmade plexiglass mouse pad with two fans.
FotoPaD [external link]How to include a picture into a mouse pad (in Italian).
Light Pad [external link]How to make a lighted mouse pad.
Pan Pad [external link]This project came out because of the exorbitant prices for the premium mouse mats on the market at the moment. They are just a piece of plastic, they should cost virtually nothing. So here is something WAY better: the ultimate mouse pad made from a non-stick frying pan.
WaxPaper [external link]How to make a mousepad, ultrasupercheap.
Neon Glow Pad [external link]A plate of acrylic glas and a neon light turned into a fancy mousepad (in Italian).
AquaPad [external link]A mousepad made from plexiglas and blue LEDS (in Italian).
GlowPad [external link]An illuminated mousepad (in Italian).
Knit Pad [external link]Some wool knitted into a soft mouse pad.
Breeze Pad [external link]How to mix a plexiglas plate and a fan into a really cool mousepad.
GlowPad [external link]This tutorial introduces the lighted mousepad and demonstrates plexi carving.
SpeedPad [external link]How to attach a speed cover to an ordinary mouse pad (in German.
MyPad [external link]How to make a unique pad surface (in German).
PlexiPad [external link]A selfmade plexiglas pad with illumination (in German).
TwoColor Pad [external link]Two color illumination of a plexiglas pad, you may switch between blue and red (in German).
LedPad [external link]This guide shows how to add LED based illumination (in German).
GlowingBorder [external link]How to use colored LEDs to get a custom mouse pad with glowing borders (in German).
Illu Pad [external link]Mouse pad illumination through USB.
Three Color GlowPad [external link]This pad made from plexiglas and LEDs can glow in three different colors (in German).

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